Sarah Bouchard

Initiator of En haut, Sarah is convinced of the importance of a sustainable environment linked mainly to family farms conscious and respectful behaviour. To respect the environment is to respect ourselves and to grow with it. As a natural consequence, the environment is at the heart of the lives of people who are open to the beauty of the universe. That is one reason why in almost all the papier découpé, we find cows or scenes of people in fields. The community is involved and proud to live with fascination at the rhythm of the processions to and from the alpine pastures. The area is then bound together to keep peace and stability and to make art emerge.

This art is expressed through installations, sculptures placed in the environment, painting, music and dance.


This art can be local, as the papier découpé or from all around the world finding a natural place for its self expression En haut.

Through photographic expression, Sarah wants to highlight life En haut.

We thank Vivienne Moon/Mariia Vlasova for her photographic contribution and the model Albina Kireeva for her beautiful contribution particularly during the Festival des Montgolfières in 2018.